September 27, 2005


Just a test

September 26, 2005

Movie Quote...

"We hold in our hearts the memory of our fallen brothers whose blood stains the very streets we walk today. Also on this night we pay tribute to the leader of our enemies, an honorable man, who crossed over bravely, fighting for what he believed in. To defeat my enemy, I extinguish his life, and consume him as I consume these flames. In honor of Priest Vallon."

September 23, 2005

Movie Quote...

"Let me see if I have this correct, Lieutenant - it's an 8-foot creature of some kind with acid for blood, and it arrived on your spaceship. It kills on sight, and is generally unpleasant. And of course, you expect me accept all this, your word."

What an interesting blogosphere we live in.

Added some features to the Blog Buzz Machine, nothing too useful for regular folks yet, just stuff like: A) List of total blogs tracked (over 22,000!) B) The thing that I've been working on for over a day now, an RSS auto-discovery script. See when BBM get's pings or reads from other ping services most times it's just the Blog Name and URL that's being sent over. Well obviously I'm interested in the RSS side of things so I've been poking through a script from Keith Devens website for hitting a URL and finding the RSS/Atom feed on the site. And I've get a script to do just that and even better it prunes the database for sites that don't seem to have any feeds (you can hit the BBM website and notice the database pruning every once in a while).

Anyway my new habit is randomly visiting the updated blogs on the front page of BBM, it's fun to do and I've been exposed to all different types of people. Try it sometime.

Why aren't you pinging us yet? Just head over to BBM or add us as a service in your blogging tool, just send a ping to

September 22, 2005

Movie Quote...

"Thomas, don't you even know how to be a real Indian? How many times have you seen "Dances with Wolves" anyways? 100... 200 times? Oh jesus Thomas, you have seen it that many times?"

September 21, 2005

Movie Quote...

" Have you ever wondered why you and I have been part of so many unfortunate incidents, but are still here? I have figured it out. It's nothing much, just luck. I wake up every day looking at Death, and you know what? He ain't half bad. I think the secret old Mr. Death is hiding is that for some of us, it's better on the other side. I know it can't be any worse for me. Maybe that's the place for your Maddie. Wyatt, for some of us, this world ain't ever gonna be right."

September 20, 2005

Movie Quote...

"I dont know what to say really. Three minutes to the biggest battle of our professional lives. All comes down to today, and either, we heal as a team, or we're gonna crumble. Inch by inch, play by play. Until we're finished."

September 19, 2005

Movie Quote...

"Some people hear their own inner voices with great clearness and they live by what they hear. Such people become crazy, but they become legends."

September 17, 2005

Movie Quote...

"It's impossible, Lois could never have Superman's baby. Do you think her fallopian tubes could handle the sperm? I guarantee you he blows a load like a shotgun right through her back. What about her womb? Do you think it's strong enough to carry her child?"

September 16, 2005

One more test


Whoo Hoo!

The RPC interface for Blog Buzz Machine seems to be working for WordPress! Ping away!

Movie Quote...

"You ever listen to K-Billy's "Super Sounds of the Seventies" weekend? It's my personal favorite."

September 15, 2005


Ping test!

Movie Quote...

"Advancement, of course. Listen carefully. Look deep within yourself, Clarice Starling. Go seek out Miss Mofet, an old patient of mine. M-o-f-e-t. Go now, I don't think Miggs could manage again quite so soon, even though he is crazy."

Because I'm not busy enough

So I'm poking around with a new project called Blog Buzz Machine.

Enter your Blog's name in the little box, and the URL to your RSS or Atom feed from the site whenever your blog updates.

Or you can ping it via sadly I've only tested this in movable type (it works) and wordpress (not working yet).

More Testing


Just testing

Just testing something...

September 14, 2005

Movie Quote...

"I've already wasted my whole life. I want to tell you with my last breath that I have always loved you. I would rather be a ghost, drifting by your side as a condemned soul, than enter heaven without you. Because of your love, I will never be a lonely spirit."

CBRM: New Server/New URL

I've sucessfully moved Comic Book Review Machine over to my server in our new house and the website now has a URL all to its own! (

We just reached 800 reviews in our review database, why don't you pop on over and check some of them out?

September 13, 2005

Movie Quote...

"Why don't you go ahead and grab it? If there's one thing I've learned, it's never to stick your hand into a viscous material."

September 11, 2005

Movie Quote...

"Who do you think will continue this place, this life? Do you plan to live forever? It is in them that our future lies, it is in Ivy and Lucius that this way of life will continue. Yes I have risked, I hope I am always able to risk everything for the just and right cause. If we did not make this decision, we could never again call ourselves innocent, and that in the end is what we have protected here, innocence! That I'm not ready to give up."

September 08, 2005

Movie Quote...

"Hey Hey! What's this I see? I thought this was a party. LET'S DANCE!"

September 07, 2005

Movie Quote...

"I started at the top and have been working my way down ever since."

September 06, 2005

September 05, 2005

She drowned Friday night.

"Aaron Broussard, president of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, breaks down during an interview on the NBC program Meet the Press. "

I'm speechless...

The whole article.

September 03, 2005

Movie Quote...

"Yeah, sir, you might want to send a maintenance man over to that office across the way. The lights are off, and they must be looking for a fuse box, 'cause them flashlights, they keep me awake."