August 26, 2005


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Yes I know, I've been talking about this for eons, but we're (me and Steve) still moving along with our series. Here's a page from issue #1.

August 22, 2005

Movie Quote...

"Someone asked me once if I knew the difference between a civilian and a citizen. I know now. A citizen has the courage to make the safety of the human race their personal responsibility. Dizzy was my friend. She was a soldier. But most important, she was a citizen of the Federation."

August 17, 2005

Blogging's a bit light

Due to the fact that we're quickly approaching our move-in date! New house here we come! I have to comment on and the wife were watching TV last night when a commercial for some Christian group comes on giving away free Jesus videos. What made me laugh was that they showed clips from the video and the entire cast seems tremendously Caucasian.

Right...because 2000 years ago in the Middle East, he really looked like an average joe from the Midwest.

August 11, 2005

Movie Quote...

"Mr. McKittrick, after very careful consideration, sir, I've come to the conclusion that your new defense system sucks."

August 10, 2005

Assembly plants clean up after themselves.

From the article:
"Each week, hundreds of new cars roll out of the Subaru factory in Lafayette, Indiana. What doesn't come out of the plant is garbage. When the garbage truck rolls up to the curb in front of your house each week, it hauls away more trash than is generated by the manufacturing processes at the factory.

The factory is the first auto assembly plant in North America to become completely waste-free: Last year, 100 percent of the waste steel, plastic and other materials coming out of the plant were reused or recycled. Paint sludge that used to be thrown away, for example, is now dried to a powder and shipped to a plastics manufacturer, ending up eventually as parking lot bumpers and guardrails. What can't be reused -- about 3 percent of the plant's trash -- is shipped off to Indianapolis and incinerated to generate electricity."

Read the whole article.

Movie Quote...

"I tell you, infamous powers are at work! The instant you assign me to a case, the Underworld hears about it and I am set upon! It is amazing that I am still alive!"

People are stupid...

I can't believe I just saw a "Boycott France" bumber sticker on an old lady's car.

People can be truly stupid.

August 09, 2005

August 08, 2005

Movie Quote...

"Ah Kirk, my old friend. Do you know the Klingon proverb that tells us revenge is a dish that is best served cold? It is very cold in space."

Peter Jennings...Dead

From the article:
"Peter Jennings, the suave, Canadian-born broadcaster who delivered the news to Americans each night in five separate decades, died Sunday. He was 67. Jennings, who announced in April that he had lung cancer, died at his New York home, ABC News President David Westin said late Sunday."

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August 04, 2005

Movie Quote...

"What's this for? For bein' an honest cop? Hmm? Or for being stupid enough to get shot in the face?"

The watering down of The Da Vinci Code

I just shake my head at how stupid this is.

From the article: "Studio officials have consulted with Catholic and other Christian specialists on how they might alter the plot of the novel to avoid offending the devout. In doing so, the studio has been asked to consider such measures as making the central premise - that Jesus had a child with Mary Magdalene - more ambiguous, and removing the name of Opus Dei."

Read the whole article.

August 03, 2005

Movie Quote...

"It was the greatest feeling I ever had. Followed abruptly by the worst feeling I ever had."

August 01, 2005

Movie Quote...

"Hmm. 60 seconds. Well, how would you like that? How about alphabetical? Aardvark, baboon, caribou, dolphin, eohippus, fox, gorilla, hyena, ibex, jackal, kangaroo, lion, marmoset, Newfoundland, ocelot, panda, rat, sloth, tiger, unicorn, varmint, whale, yak, zebra. Now "varmint" is a stretch; so is "Newfoundland" (that's a dog breed); "unicorn" is mythical; "eohippus" is prehistoric. But you weren't being very specific, now, were you, Bob?"