February 27, 2005

Gmail Invites?

If anyone wants a gmail account please let me know in the comments, I have a bunch to give away.

February 26, 2005

Some Pictures

A couple of weeks ago me and the wife (and her family) took a trip up to St Augustine, here are a couple of photos I took with my 120mm camera.




February 24, 2005

Other news...

I'm poking around in Myspace now, not that I'm the king of meeting people or talking...or enjoying people. But I figured it would be good for some networking opportunies until the community ends up destroying itself like Friendster (of course I barely used that as well).

My Profile

This blows...

it seems earlier this week my Powerbook started getting slow. I mean dirt slow, so I started poking around a bit, did some disk checking and it seems the hard drive is going on the thing (wonderful). So it's in the shop waiting for a newer and bigger drive to be inserted into her (that sounds dirty), so I'm stuck using the iMac @ work and Christine's computer (Windows...ewww) @ home.


February 16, 2005

Romanesco Broccoli

Cross between broccoli and cauliflower.

(Link courtesy of Eyebeam Reblog)

The Stanley Kubrick Archives

Coming from Taschen, "The Stanley Kubrick Archives", from the website "The first book to explore Stanley Kubrick’s archives is also the most comprehensive study of the filmmaker to date"

I so want this...

(Link courtesy of BoingBoing)

Ascii Generator

Ascii generator that generates an ascii picture based on a picture you upload.

(Link courtesy of Eyebeam Reblog)

February 03, 2005

The Panic Store

Check it out, and for god's sakes leave your javascript on. You'll be nicely surprised.

Panic makes Transmit the (S)FTP software I use at work and at home. They're good folks.

A very, very bad day

A very, very bad day
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This guy is pretty much screwed.

February 02, 2005

Disney Building a Unit to Make Pixar Sequel Movies

The Walt Disney Co. is building a new animation unit to create feature film sequels to the hits it made with Pixar Animation Studios, starting with a "Toy Story 3" feature film...

Didn't Disney already do the whole spend an ass-load of money and build a computer animation studios bit? For the movie Dinosaur? Didn't they then close it down? Unless they are just building a division for doing Pixar movie sequels. "Where do you work?" "Oh I work in the Pixar Sequel Division of Disney Animation, I'm on the 'Ant's Life 2: Dear God They're Crawling up my Leg!' team."

February 01, 2005

Cool Miami Art Deco Photos/Art

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I have "Miami" down as one of my Flickr tags that my rss reader (PulpFiction) grabs. Came across this Flickr photoset that I think is damn cool. The user has posted a group of black and white Miami (south florida?) pictures and a couple of great art deco scans of what looks like postcards of Miami Hotels.

Check them out!