January 31, 2005

UCF Ham Radio operator served as main link in tsunami disaster

This was reported a while ago, but I still think it's damn neat....(My wife Christine, her sister Susan and I are all UCF alums)

"A University of Central Florida ham radio operator K4VUD (and founder of their film program) was caught in Port Blair during the earthquake and following tsunami! He and a team of other ham radio operators arrived in the Andaman
and Nicobar Islands
to setup the region's first ham station 2 weeks prior to the disaster. Once they realized what happened they immediately began transmitting for 20 straight hours using car batteries as a power source. Most cellular and land-line communication was down. His team became the main link to the rest of the world from the region."

(Link & Text courtesy of Slashdot)

January 30, 2005

New Store!

Been working on building a store for all the stuff we want to sell through Brain Scan Studios, started playing with OSCommerce but I ended up using Zen Cart because it worked well with my merchant account service and it was a bit easier to manipulate the design of the cart. Now the new store is prettier, fancier, the credit card processing isn't as clunky as before, and I bought an SSL certificate (The prior store would bounce over to my merchant account's website using their SSL certificate), this is much more sexy looking.

Check out the new store

Check back often, I'll be moving Christine's photographic prints there as well some Touch of Death T-Shirts I have left over and I've got some new t-shirt designs I'm kicking around as well. Oh and possibly a print of Andrew Robinson's amazing cover for Rose #1.

January 21, 2005

First Rose T-Shirt!

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Announcing the first t-shirt for Rose from the Ashes, the upcoming series from myself and Steve Pugh! Featuring Lo Hahn, the villain from the series on a 100% white cotton t-shirt! Buy one for yourself and your friends!

January 20, 2005

January 18, 2005

Christine's eBay auction!

Christine is auctioning off some of her photographic prints, signed and matted for under $17.99 a piece! Check out her website for the auctions!

January 04, 2005

An inflatable pub

These folks have create an inflatable pub, link to the Wired article.

(Link courtesy of BoingBoing)