September 30, 2004

That's funny...

This isn't your father's trilogy

Oh I enjoyed this...

September 27, 2004


Just started playing with it, with my new found love of RSS I decide to join to see what the hubbub is about. Basically it's a photo gallery, but it's much more than that, notes and tags can be added to the photo's you upload, enabling people who are subscribed to certain tags to see you're photo's through an RSS reader.

Here's the photos I've currently uploaded:

September 24, 2004

What's the beginning of the weekend without....

yet another hurricane!!!

September 23, 2004

Insect Origami

Insect Origami

(Link courtesy of BoingBoing)

Just read it....

"It's OK. Don't think about it too much, and it will be OK"

I got a kick out of it....

Last Starfighter - The Musical!

The Last Starfighter, a world premiere science fiction musical inspired by the 1984 screenplay of the motion picture of the same name, will open the 2004-05 season of Off Broadway's Storm Theatre, Oct. 15-30.

I just caught this (the movie) on one of the movie channels, we loved it when we were kids, it was nearly a B-movie with the exception of the computer (was it computer?) effects. But it was a space movie with video games! How can you not love that?

(Link courtesy of Slashdot)

September 20, 2004

God vs. Bush

God vs. Bush

September 16, 2004

Touch of Death #1 now only $1.00!

Those of you who haven't tried the series, here's your chance! Touch of Death #1 is now on sale for $1.00! With free shipping!

Buy it here!

September 14, 2004

For my brothers Marc and Jon

The 25 Best Futurama Moments Ever

(Link courtesy of Wil Wheaton)

September 13, 2004

Charley's Path

When we were kids my parents had a timeshare over in the little island of Captiva, Florida. You could only get there by boat or by bridge from the island of Sanibel south of it. Here are some impact studies by the USGS (with pictures).

Hurricane Charley Impact Studies

My parents timeshare (I think) were in the buildings facing the viewer, a little left of center.

September 12, 2004

Photo Contest

Christine is holding a contest at her website to see if someone can give her the name of a particular flower she took a picture of on our honeymoon. Winner receives a 5X7 signed print of the particular photograph.

SunTrust South Miami Art Festival

Christine has been accepted! It makes her feel really good, especially after Hurricane Frances canceled the last art festival she was going to do.

Festival Information:
SunTrust South Miami Art Festival
November 6 & 7
Booth 115

September 11, 2004

The villain emerges...


First looks at Lo Hahn! Steve so rocks!!!!

Auction stuff

Christine has some new and old pictures up at eBay, check them out here.

Bush vs. Jesus

From Mad magazine

Bush vs. Jesus

(Link courtesy of Atrios)

September 09, 2004


Oh boy...

Anyone looking for an experienced project director/programmer or a fledging comic book writer? WAY out of the state of Florida?


September 07, 2004

Damage from the storm....

Ah, what an interesting couple of days it's been, for those of you keeping track a very large, slow moving hurricane passed over Florida (it's now meandering through the panhandle hitting the last pieces of Florida it missed on the first strike). Here's my interesting little story on the "damage" that our apartment received.

We went to bed around midnight or so on the first night, we figured that we would try to get a little rest for the long day of wind and rain ahead. About 4/4:30 in the morning my wife and I heard the sound of glass breaking, we got up and found the window to our office (the second bedroom) was broken (the screen still intact though). Not five minutes after our discovering of the broken window did we receive a knock at the door. A guy claiming to be a neighbor (Christine said she recognized him), told us that he heard the glass breaking and was wondering if we needed any help. He said he had tape and plastic so we agreed that any additional help would be useful. He helped tape up the window and after chatting with him for a bit, we thanked him and bid him good night.

Little note: A couple of weeks before all this we discovered a very large Apple monitor sitting on the edge of the dumpster, I fished it out knowing full well that a monitor has all sorts of nasty things in it that shouldn't be rotting away in a garbage dump. We put the monitor (extremely heavy) on our enclosed patio intent on recycling it. The thing didn't move an inch for the last hurricane (Charley - and no we didn't leave it outside for the first hurricane on purpose, we were in Boston for Charley), so we decided that putting it in a far corner of the patio (I repeat enclosed patio) would be safe. When we discovered the broken window what was sitting on the ground a couple of feet under the window? Yup, that monitor, but the story get's wackier so just keep that image in your head.

We'll fast forward to the next afternoon after the discovery of the broken window, we receive a knock on the door. It's another neighbor with a sketch of the guy that helped us the night before. Turns out, the guy that came into our house, taped up the window, and we babbled with, was caught breaking windows around the neighborhood. To make the story even more bizarre, after breaking the window he would ask if the people needed help. A whole group of people (people this guy did this to) ended up at our house and we all told our stories to the building manager. They ended up going to the guys front door (dumb bastard told us what apartment he was in), and arresting him.

Here's the final piece that I've yet to find out (the police are supposed to take a statement from us about this so I'll have to ask them for the full story), what the hell was this guy thinking? Did something snap in his head and he had to get all destructive and then feel a twinge of guilt and help the people? Was he casing the places he was destroying? Was his intent to loot? Remember that monitor I mentioned before? This is all just theory, but we think the guy broke our patio screen, grabbed the monitor and used it to break the window, because after close inspection there was no way that huge monitor was dragged (no drag marks on the ground) and then lifted up enough to break the window. We weren't experiencing winds speedy enough to lift the thing up. That part completely creeps me out, that this crazy bastard might have broken into our patio while we were asleep. Ugh.

But all is well now (the apartment complex has temporarily patched the window), and Florida is a freaking mess but I guess that's the trade-off we Floridians have to deal with, near the beaches, nice weather, with the occasional spinning clouds of doom.

Here are some pictures Christine took through the hurricane (no pictures of the broken window though). Enjoy.

September 05, 2004

Still here!

Our office (second bedroom) now has a broken window (long confusing story) so we were forced to move all our computer equipment out of the room.

September 04, 2004

Second band

Second band is coming through right now, lots of rain, Christine is worried about the flooding near our bedroom window.

My parents called us an hour ago, they've lost power down in South Florida (Hollywood).

In a funk...waiting for the hurricane.

I'm in a writing funk right now, I've got most of the second script finished (the rewrite), I just have to gaggle it all together. Part of the script will be experimental (at least for me), I'll have to see how my editor and Steve reacts to it.

It's a tense time, waiting for Frances to hit, every local news station is force feeding whatever little news they have. It was supposed to hit Friday, then early Saturday, now late Saturday. She's just plodding along, and the news stations are pretty much grabbing whatever little they can to give us 24 hours of HOT HURRICANE COVERAGE! We've had our first bands of her, heavy rain and wind, now....bright and sunny. Very odd.

September 03, 2004