July 21, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11

Got to see it over the weekend, I enjoyed it whole heartedly. I seriously think everyone should see it, I agree that it's probably not going to cause a whole lot of people to jump to one side or the other, but the movie should cause some great discussions that this country sorely needs.

Fahrenheit 9/11 Facts & Notes from Michael Moore

Off to San Diego!

Heading out to San Diego in a couple of days (Thursday), and I finally have my booth info!

If you're visiting the Con, we (Brain Scan Studios) will be in the Small Press Section, Booth R7. I'll be signing copies of Touch of Death, showing off more art for Rose from the Ashes and I'll have free postcards for Rose as well. Come by and say hi!

July 15, 2004

Contribute to John Kerry's Campaign

It's Thursday!

Contribute to John Kerry's campaign here.

July 13, 2004

Birthday Dinner

Been horrendously busy lately (day job + preparing for San Diego next week), but here's something I thought was worthy of a blog entry.

My parents came over last week to sign all the official paperwork for the house they are building here in Orlando. Yup, after 27 years of living in South Florida they are packing up and building a castle in my neck of the woods. Going to be sad to walk out of the old house for the last time, but my parents haven't ever owned a brand new house so I think they definitely deserve it.
They decided to take me out for my birthday (it was a week before on July 3rd), and we ended up getting late reservations to the restaurant in France in Epcot Center. My meaning on late reservation is that it was for 8:50 (pm) and the park was closing at 9:00, so we would be in the restaurant for the nightly fireworks show (a great view for it too).

We were sat down and the waiter started taking our order. My mom was excited because she could get escargot (a favorite of her's and mine) so both mom and myself ordered the escargot appetizer. After a small wait our appetizers were delivered.
It was crap....it was so bad I had to eat more than one to see if it was a fluke, but indeed it was tasteless crap. Now escargot is about the same as lobster, it's mostly about the garlic and butter, and somehow, the kitchen got garlic and butter horribly wrong. So I sent mine back telling the waiter it was horrible, and I got a look from him that gave off a "you-don't-deserve-what-you're-eating-you-worthless-ass" vibe from him.
I ended up getting a bowl off soup, not much to write about, but the only real glowing point of the night was the dessert. We decided on a dessert platter that they offered which had a bit of everything. Wonderful stuff, we cleaned the plate. Then we got the bill. The bastard left the horrible escargot's on it, instead of complaining (mostly because our waiter would completely disappear, leaving us without drinks or bread) we just left him a lousy tip.

So my recommendation to those visiting Epcot, head to France's resturant if you're in dire need of dessert and coffee. Don't get much else. (My dad's Macaroni and Cheese was pretty good....but how can someone screw that up?)

Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 Notes + Sources

Posted on Moore's website.

(Link courtesy of a whole mess of folks too numerous to list blogging about it.)

July 11, 2004

Christine opens an eBay store!

After several successful weeks of eBay-ing her photo's Christine has opened an eBay store! Check it out if you like neat looking pictures!

Christine's Store

July 08, 2004

Some good reading...

"...Let me be the first to admit to my total loss of composure. Eight grown men, five of which were in uniform and wearing sidearms, now surrounded me. I just had a camera, a tripod, and a bad flashback to Rodney King. You bet I was emotional. How composed would you be?"

Read it all Brown Equals Terrorist

(Link courtesy of BoingBoing)

Contribute to John Kerry's Campaign

It's Thursday!

Contribute to John Kerry's campaign here.

China Grill Management

Nice little website

July 06, 2004

Free Touch of Death!

The first twenty people to email me their name and address will get a free copy of Touch of Death #1 autographed by me (the creator). It's my birthday present to you fine folks.

Slate (MSN) writes about dumping IE for Firefox

How Mozilla's Firefox trumps Internet Explorer.

(Link courtesy of Slashdot)

Manual of Style

Ralph's Manual of StyLe (RMS) is guaranteed to confuse even those with multiple Ph.D.'s. Once the publishing world turns to RMS, people will have to hire a copy editor just to interpret their TV guides
for them.

Ralph's Manual of Style

(Link courtesy of moleskinerie)

FedEx Tracking in RSS

Check it out here.

(Link courtesy of BoingBoing)


One PC, Four Users

"A reseach group from UFPR university in Brazil, C3SL has managed to make one Linux box run four terminals at the same time. That means four mice, keyboards, displays and users with just one CPU. The way they managed to do that can be found at the FourHead project webpage. The fact that one computer science laboratory can suport up to 60 users whit only 15 PCs is really attractive for low-resource groups and countries."

(Link courtesy of Slashdot)

July 02, 2004

Signing at Wizard's Wall on July 3rd (Free Comic Book Day) - Repost (Last one I swear!)

Another reminder:

I'll be signing copies of my book, Touch of Death as well as showing off more artwork for Rose from the Ashes at the Wizard's Wall comic book shop in Melbourne, FL on July 3rd. July 3rd is good for two reasons this year, my 27th birthday and Free Comic Book Day! So stop by if you're in the area.

When: July 3rd, 11AM - ?
Where: Wizard's Wall
233 W. Hibiscus Blvd
Melbourne, FL 32901
For Additional Info: Contact Travis Gibb at the store, (321) 727-2599

World Lingo Translation Service

World Lingo

Pictures from Miami last weekend

DSC00113 DSC00115 DSC00117
We went down to Miami for a cousin's baby shower, here's some pictures from our visit.

Titanic...in 30 seconds...by bunnies

Good Stuff!

July 01, 2004

Random Thoughts of an Unfettered Mind

Fellow co-worker of mine, Ed has started a blog. Welcome to the blogosphere Ed!

Here's a little something he wrote up on Iraq.

Visit his blog here.

Contribute to John Kerry's Campaign

Ok it's not Thursday today (my usual John Kerry contribution day), but today's the last day of June. So send the man some money!

Contribute to John Kerry's campaign here.