March 31, 2004

Seinfeld, Superman and American Express

I must say, it's good stuff.

Check it out

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Wholesaler for Picture Mats & Boards

World View Pic

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Stanley Kubrick's Archives

I guess to be a genius you have to be a bit crazy, and to be crazy you have to be a bit of a genius.

Stanley Kubrick's Archives

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Hellboy and the Comic Shop

Got some free tickets to see Hellboy last night, so I picked up my brother and we headed over to the movie theater that was showing it. Sadly we ended up being a bit late (a habit of mine), and the line for entrance was winding around the theater. Being hungry and not in the mood to wait in line only to find out that we couldn't enter we decided on hitting the nearby mall for some food and to wander around the mall.

For all of you living in the Orlando area, the Coliseum of Comics is moving upstairs to newer and I guess more glamourous digs. Just a public service announcement for those in Orlando. Anywhoo while we were there I picked up The Authority: Transfer of Power graphic novel, even though I have the floppies for that set of books I hate having to hunt through my long boxes to find them. I also picked up Steve Rude's The Moth (haven't read yet) and The Unfunnies #2 (just read).

The Unfunnies #2 (a review)
I picked this up because I picked up #1 and although #1 was humorous I didn't get a whole lot out of it. I really didn't know if this was an excuse for Millar to curse a whole lot and force cartoon character's into sexual situtions that in some cases are just plain disturbing. Well #2 changed that for me.
First off, this is an adult comic, those with weak stomachs and are a bit more conservative might have some issues with this series. But it's quite funny to me that the more mature readers comics that I normally read go nowhere near the limits that this series does. And in reality this series is no more bad than the "R-ist" of R-movies (ok there are some scenes in this series that would have serious trouble getting passed the MPAA). I really don't know where I was going with that last thought, maybe I'm saying that the "mature readers" label on that book should be that, for mature readers, the same stuff you can say/do in "Pulp Fiction" should be dropped into that book, or maybe I just want more cartoon characters cursing.
Anyway Millar continues his series with more hijinks in the cartoon world he's setup in the first issue, he touches on a mother being offered an abortion for her 10 year trouble causing daughter to a baby chick being shot in the head. Again without giving too much away, no punches are pulled. And at the end of this story I felt there was a point, there is a plot being woven in and out of all this madness, it's not just cartoon characters cursing and having sex. So do I recommend it? Well, Millar's intrigued me enough to buy the third issue and that's enough for me.

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March 30, 2004

Nighty, Night

Currently it's 11:00PM and time for us kids to be in bed. This is blog entry number one! I RUULE! Hopefully I will get off my fat ass and continue writing blog entries in this new and exciting blog.

Of course I don't need to get off my ass to write in the blog, but you get the point.

Oh and I finally bought an XBOX game Splinter Cell, Pandora's Tommorow.
It's pretty sweet. Hard. But sweet.

And to all a good night!

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