July 11, 2005

The Comic Preview Podcast Tool....a plea to comic publishers....

On a lark I submitted my Comic Preview Podcast Tool for inclusion in the iTunes Podcast directory. I figured...what's the chance of them actually adding it? Then I noticed bandwidth for the server on Saturday....it was a whole heck of a lot more than normal, finally after some prodding I found it. They (the Apple folks) listed me in their podcast directory! Holy crap!
So to all of you folks that are heading over here from I bid you welcome. I'm the crazy man running the asylum hopefully you'll stay a while.
Anyway so here's my plea to comic book publishers big and small...I need PDFs for the feed. Preferably not too gigantic in size (bigger than 10 megs is pushing it), old or new, black and white or color, it doesn't really matter. This is free marketing! If you're interested in being included just email me at brian.kirsten.bss@gmail.com, send me a URL where I can grab the PDF and a URL letting folks know what they'll be looking at.

Thanks for your time.

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