July 08, 2005

Some neat links

1&1 changes its tune about BitTorrent - Hosting company 1&1 initally didn't want folks running BitTorrent servers off their hosted accounts, 1&1 claimed they didn't want folks eating up bandwidth. Which is stupid, because the company charges you for going over your bandwidth quota. 1&1's money people probably kicked someone in the ass about this, because they've changed their mind about the average user giving 1&1 money for using bandwidth. I host some sites over at 1&1 (but not my BitTorrent site).

Moss my ride - Flickr photoset of a guy's car that is used so rarely it's covered in moss.

The Simpson's, movie style - If you've been living under a rock, The Simpson's movie is currently being made.

Bats eat insects - An eco-friendly way to get rid of insects, by making friends with bats.

Kids With Cameras in Smithsonian

Photographer grills security guard about dumb policy - I just slap myself on the forehead when I read this line from the article (the quote is refering to a person taking pictures) "Well, they don't mind eye-level stuff, but when you point the camera up, they start to get nervous. Since 9/11, you know, terrorism".

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